• This is a family friendly outdoor event.
  • Please bring your own hats, umbrellas, sunscreen and bug spray, lawn chairs and water bottles!
  • Please obey all posted signage, security instructions, and physical event barriers.



  • This event takes place at the Airdrie Airpark, a privately owned airport facility encompassing a 600+ acre parcel of land.


  • The spectator viewing area for Drag Racing is positioned track side at the launch area behind crash barricades and safety fence keeping you a safe distance from the high-speed action.
  • The competitor pit area is open ONLY to competitors and considered closed to spectators due to liability concerns for personal and property.
  • Only those displaying the correct ID badges will be allowed in the Competition Zones, Pits, Tech Inspection and/or Staging Areas.


  • Please respect the valuable machinery you are witnessing. Do not touch, lean on, sit on, hang your camera or phone over any of the expensive vehicles that are on display. Take lots of pictures and post them to our Facebook or Instagram page when you get a chance!


  • Due to potential of grass fires due to high winds on airport FIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • This will be strictly enforced and anyone disobeying will be immediately removed from the event.
  • Smoking receptacles MUST be used at all times.


  • Private security will be monitoring the event grounds and parking areas. Security staff will escort disrespectful individuals or those not following the rules, from the event grounds. If you witness any problem individuals or need any assistance, please approach any of our security staff with your concerns.
  • Please respect our community and highway traffic safety at all times. The RCMP will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to stunting, speeding and traffic bylaws and will be monitoring the traffic to and from the event.


  • This event is run by a group of dedicated and hard-working volunteers.
  • Please respect the private space we are renting and clean up after yourselves. We do not have the manpower to clean up after you. Trash and Recycling receptacles will be provided. Please use them.
  • Please respect our hard-working volunteer event staff. They are doing their jobs out of passion and a sense of community spirit. If you have a concern that is not emergency or safety in nature, please feel free to let a volunteer staff know. They will pass on the information so that it can be best handled by our event management team.