Chris was born and raised in small town Northern Alberta in the Smoky River region, and has been working in the Oil & Gas sector since he was 19 years old. “The Oil & Gas Industry has put food on my table for several years and even in these tough economic times continues to support local people in need through the Airdrie Oilmen’s Association and this great event. I’ve called Airdrie my home for 13 years now and volunteer my time coaching Minor hockey in the community. I have worked in the Crossfield area for 18 years, the last 12 years with TAQA North Ltd. I discovered White Collar Boxing Co. last year as a way to regain my fitness and find a sport that would challenge me. The intense training at White Collar has enabled me to improve not only my physical fitness but it is a great way to improve mental health and clarity. I am the father of 2 wonderful children and I have the great support of my lovely wife to help me through this challenge. I draw inspiration from the memories of my Mom and Dad, and I know they would be proud of this journey I am taking to help those in need.