“I don’t always Box but when I do, I am 37 years young! … I am married to a stone cold babe who has blessed me with 4 perfect children. I worked in the Oil & Gas sector for a lifetime, then woke up one day and had enough of that noise. I now export pickup trucks to our fine neighbors to the South, our company is called TruckBuyers.ca. I always wanted to step in the ring when I was much younger but that didn’t seem to work out…. I know, sounds like excuses, right? Well no more excuses, let’s get ready to rumble! I can’t think of a better way to raise money for some great charities and give back to the community, while I get punched in the face. It has been an outstanding mental and physical journey thus far. Big thanks to WCB & the AOA for allowing me to participate in this unique opportunity. It will be an experience I will never forget, unless I get knocked-out and get my bell rung so bad I experience memory loss.”